An ode to A BOY IN A DRESS

An Ode to a Boy in a Dress

Boys in summer dresses
don't often make messes
when playing with trucks outside.

But once in a kitchen
they again start to itchin'
to throw mud into somebody's eye.
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This shot is an 8 x 10. Yes indeedy, someone really liked this shot and paid for an enlargement and retouching on his face and leg. A story no doubt told around the evening dinner table that I'd like to know.

It's a category. I will collect them...along with people on horses (plastic, wooden, or live only), people spitting watermelon seeds at pigs, people cutting cakes...oh the list is simply too long!


  1. Aw. They wore little dresses, too, back in the day. I have a pic of my uncle about the same age in a dress. Cute little cross dresser.

  2. That's it! That's it exactly! It's a category. I must find more. Cute Little Cross Dressers.

  3. Yes..aren't they cute..it was the custom..cross dressers LOL..:)

  4. I have an advertising card with a boy in a dress too. I love this guy though. I would take him home in a minute. He is adorable. He probably ended up working in a sawmill.

  5. He looks like he was a pistol, running his mom ragged. Probably smudges on his face, staring up at her with big eyes. Probably got away with all sorts of stuff because he was cute.