Part three..THE HUSBAND

I bought this the other day and it wasn't until last night that I paid attention to what was written on the back. Turned out to be the same handwriting that was on the back of Agnes and May's shots. So I give you the husband of Agnes, Uncle Ralph Cooper. Equally as mysterious as Agnes and May. Business man? Soft shoe artist? I'm waiting for him to do a little shuffle off to Buffalo. Or perhaps he was an enforcer. You know what I mean. Used that cane with determination. The whole family is quite mysterious and interesting.

Click on image to see it larger.
Uncle Ralph Cooper
Aunt Agnes Husband.


  1. He seems off balance about 3 degrees. It is probably just an illusion. I think one expects the cane in this pose to be level.

    He seems to be leaning back. He has a puzzling expression too. Wary, worried.

    What a find!

  2. Yeah, his weight is all on his back foot. Plus I noticed while studying it last night that the backdrop seems to be at an angle. the flowers on the left almost look dimensional as if they are in front of the backdrop. It's hard to tell. Perhaps I need to scan it again and lighten it to see the details. The backdrop is interesting with all the perspective.

  3. Just wanted you to know that someone gave me a Kreativ Blogger award and I'm to pass it on to 7 others. You are one of my favorites (both blogs) and I just wanted you to know you are on my list. Please don't feel obligated to do anything if you don't wish to! It will be on my Funoldhag blog. Carol

  4. I think he could be a hit man.
    uses his cane?
    He has a stressed/guilty look about him.

    Off Balance Hit Man

    You write the story.

  5. Dia, Do you think he poked people with the cane until they yelled "UNCLE!"? Or did he threaten them with dancing?

    Thank you Carol. Very nice of you. Took me awhile to figure out these little "tag you're it" awards, but now I see that they can lead people to places they might not find on their own. Thank you.


  6. New Orleans, I'm telling you. Some saloon or other.

  7. Oh yeah, I'm feelin' it. Second line and all.