What was the BABY THINKING?

My first memory in life is scrubbing a wall outside the kitchen in our quarters on Midway Island. There's a story that goes with this, but I'll just leave it at that. My second memory is of a man lying on the beach in Waikiki with a newspaper over his face. This was on a transfer back from Midway to the mainland.

Click on image to see it larger.

It's doubtful this child had any memories of this photo shoot. The first shot from yesterday was purely tactile memories of a bed spread. This one staring at someone. Tomorrows, oh my tomorrows.


  1. Lovely baby. Very much like my daughter at that age.

  2. The baby photographs always seem to prompt stories.

  3. Beautiful baby, with an equally beautiful satin or silk kimono. Back then anything without feet was called a kimono or gown and boys and girls each wore them:)