WHY SO GLUM, part two

Here's the question. Are these two young ladies the melancholy older ladies of yesterday? Both real photo post cards bought at the same estate sale. If they are the same it seems they got even more glum as they got older.

why so glum_pt2_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I keep hearing "Don't worry, be happy" in my head when I look at them. Perhaps they soon were dancing on the grass after the portrait was taken. I imagine there were lots of other people standing around watching since this wasn't taken in a studio, perhaps at their home. Good little schoolgirls.


  1. This picture taken just before Zelda choked Cora. So sad, but not totally unexpected after what Cora had said to her.

    In any case, my vote is that these are different subjects from the ones in Photo #1. These two seem to be about the same age. I would guess a 20-year age difference in the first photo.

  2. I believe I once saw some old sheet music for "When Zelda Choked Cora, oh How Her Mother Did Cry" but it didn't sell very well. "Frankie and Johnny Were Lovers" took the spot at no. 1 with a bullet.

  3. The one sitting down seems to look very much like the gal on the right in the previous photo. I will guess that they are one and the same, the other gal..the facial features seem to be different. If yesterdays photo was 1914.. then this one may be from around 1910..women aged fast back then. Just my two cents worth!:)

  4. You're seeing what my best friend saw. She too thought they were sisters. I'm just not sure. People did age faster back then, especially when night smiling. Even their eyes look still. It's always a blank stare. Hard to read what may have been going through their mind.