TOO CUTE for words

Okay, that title's a lie because though they are too cute there are a lot of words here.

This is also from that little mysterious envelope of negs bought at the flea market.

The little boy in the little sun hat is just cute. No other word. He's cute! The little girl is cute too, but not as cute as that little guy in the suit and hat. He looks like a little doll. So though I said too cute for words I at least needed enough words to say HE'S CUTE!

I find myself really drawn to snapshots of children. Most have not had the life experiences to cop an attitude. Well, in the old days. These days I see kids at very young ages with attitudes. Might not be their attitude, it might be one they got from some video game and are currently using until they see the next video game. I also blame MTV. I blame MTV for a lot of what goes on these days, but I won't get started on that. I don't have enough of an attention span to continue.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. He does look like a dolly - or a darling little department store mannekin - or littleboyikin. And the little girl's a sweetie, also. I enjoy your pictures from the old negatives - what a nice find. Carol

  2. Ah, MTV, that IS where it started.

  3. He is cute as he can be, I think it is the hat or the chubby little knees:)