SISTERS, part two

This is May's sister, Agnes. I'm betting they were an interesting family. Agnes is quite sultry. The Sultry and Saucy Sisters. It would sure be a hoot if the next time I go back to the antique store I found another sister in the box.

Click on image to see it larger.
Aunt Agnes
Dads oldest
now dead


  1. These sisters make me think of New Orleans.

  2. Ohhhhhh, you're right. That ads a whole other interesting layer.

  3. These are great photos..very different kind of flavor from most of mine..isn't it interesting to collect these old photos..I do believe I am addicted. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will add you to my sidebar!! It is always nice to meet someone who loves the old photos:)

  4. Hm. I have never seen an off-shoulder dress in a photo of this age. That is a very unusual find. The photo style looks early 1900’s but the dress looks 1930’s.

  5. Far Side of Fifty,

    I think your site is a lot of fun and really like that your intent is to connect people with their long lost relatives. As you can see mine is far more snarky, though I try to be kind to all of my new found vernacular "friends."


    I'm sort of stunned by the sexuality of the shots. Not something I find unless someone is joking around. These were very alluring and sexual women. I wish I knew what the whole family looked like.

  6. And I also find it interesting that the first one, of May, who looks the wilder of the two, is far more tattered than her sister's photo. The amount of distress on the photos seems to fit the personalities that comes through.

  7. They remind me of the show
    Designing Women.

  8. Oh yes, I definitely see it! The Sugarbakers! And I have a surprise for tomorrow. Something I bought the other day and didn't even realize.