A page from MR. ROBERTS LIFE

The past days have been spent showing you images from one page in Mr. Roberts' scrapbook. There are three other shots that did not get scanned properly that are near the binding. I will save those for a future post after I have rescanned them. Then we'll be back to "This is the lady who is next to the medal...which is next to the parrott....

For now, here is the page. And you can see there is a photo in the upper left corner that was not featured these past few days. It was actually the image used in a post last September called "THE WATERFALL across Yosemite Valley." I guess I should properly identify them sooooooo...This is the couple...who are next to Mr. Roberts and a Lady...who are above the sailor...who is above the parrot...who is next to the medal.

For now we bid adieu to Mr. Roberts and friends.


  1. Fun sequence to follow along.


  2. Thanks. It made it easy to find a new post each day.