SISTERS, part one

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This lovely lass, who looks a bit to me like a saloon gal, is named May. On the back of this tattered photo is written:
Aunt May -
Dads sister
Now May Maldipe
This photo was bought for a dollar at an antique store a few weeks ago. On Friday I bought a photo of her sister at the same antique store that apparently wasn't in the box a few weeks ago. Well, maybe it was, but I didn't notice it. Let's just say the sisters had style, especially May. And May had an attitude. Would you say "saucy" would be a good word to describe May? Her sister not as much attitude. Her sister will be the next post.


  1. Love how she's posed, hand on one hip. Yes, saucy, indeed!

  2. She has a confidence I'd never have unless I was pretending to be someone else. Wait until you see her sultry sister. Saucy and Sultry, the "S Twins."

  3. May looks like she has an interesting story to tell... or not tell.

  4. Every once in a while I run across one of these too. A portrait of a person that you miss dearly even though you never met. Such character, so many stories and laughs.

    And that HAT!

  5. I think she is ready to share some secrets - don't you? Very sophisticated! Carol

  6. I think she's leaning in hoping to hear some good gossip in the photographer's studio. And then she'll tell it to her sister Agnes who will tell it to someone and they'll tell it to someone and...