MR. ROBERTS with a friend in Alaska

This is Mr. Roberts in the 1930s in Alaska with a friend, no doubt a shipmate. So what we have is...Mr. Roberts in Alaska with a friend...next to a parrot...which is below the sailor...which is next to the woman...well, by now you know the drill. It's in Mr. Roberts' scrapbook


  1. Oh, they look like they're having a swell time. I wonder who took the picture...the woman? the parrot? the pipe?

  2. Well, actually it might be a skeleton in a pea coat. I'm not kidding. I have a shot of a skeleton in a pea coat with pipe, hat, and boots sitting in a chair surrounded by whale bones. It's one from the Alaska adventure that I'm simply not willing to give away. It's mine. All mine. So let's just say...the skeleton did it.