Pose for mommy. THAT'S A GOOD BOY.

Kids want to please their parents, until they reach the age when they don't even want to know their parents. This little fellow, looking confused, has been dressed up in a little sailor suit and told to salute the photographer. Yes, he looks cute, just as they wanted, but I wonder if he enjoyed it? Was he a little performer at heart as some kids are or was he simply obeying orders?

This is a RPPC that had been glued into a scrapbook. You can see the black fibers on the left from the old page. I paid extra for this one at an estate sale a few years ago. He was just so darn cute that I knew he had to be mine. There he was on a table full of stuff with people pawing through all of it. I got to the sale late and really couldn't believe that nobody had bought him.

I find at estate sales sometimes I do just as well showing up late as being one of the first in. It's pretty much a crap shoot.


  1. Good thing I didn't see him first ;)

  2. I keep waiting for him to do a little tap dancing right off the set.