The past few months have been troubling on the health front. I've been through a variety of tests and still no answers. At least I know it's not cancer. The specialist called to say "Nothing to see, that's the good news." I'm sort of figuring I'll just let it be. I've lived with worse pain over the years. This will either go away or actually develop into something they can figure out. Whatever.

One of my best friends came to visit last week. I have two "sisters" I consider my best friends. One I met at age 7 aboard ship to Hawaii, the other I met at age 18 my second year of art college. Though genetically not linked, we are linked through our life histories. We are intertwined as much as a strand of DNA. It was so good to have her here. We laughed as usual and shared our usual verbal shorthand. I already miss her.

I'm assuming these women were "sisters." DNA or no DNA, they were somehow linked and decided to get all gussied up and go out for a portrait. I'm glad they did. I hope they had a hell of a time out on the town.


  1. That is a cool picture! Their outfits are just wonderful. There is something to be said for hats, don't you think? Carol

  2. Oh my gosh. And we laugh at the clothes we wore 20 years ago. I guess they were at the height of fashion for the day.
    I am sorry to hear you haven't been well. I am familiar with ongoing pain and how hard it is to live with. I hope you get to the bottom of this.

  3. Those are fabulous outfits, especially the one on the left. Amazing hat, and gloves, and collar. Just beautiful. Sure beats American Apparel or whatever it's called.

  4. First, "Nothing to see, that's the good news" sounds kind of good, but lacks the firm and beautiful..you will be just fine. Good luck with all of that and I hope you feel better!

    Just love your blog, and love these best friends! I imagine when they saw each other they each said, "My, what a lovely hat!

    Get better!

  5. Good to have you back, I was worried. It's a drag when they can't figure it out. Love those hats and clothes, but I'd probably hate to have to wear the era's undergarments!

  6. Thanks everyone. I don't know even why I mentioned it. It just sort of made me think of how glad I was to have my friend here while waiting for the last biopsy results. We spent so much time laughing that I didn't have time to spend worrying.

    I do enjoy doing these two blogs. Probably best described as a Pointless Passion.

    These ladies came from the photo scrapbook of the two fellows who traveled across country, Bill and Dick's excellent adventure. I have no idea if these were ladies they dated, met along their journey, or were sweethearts back home. I just know I love the shot and the clothes. Fabulous hats!

  7. I know what you mean about that special rope of "friend DNA".

  8. Hats and gloves... I love it.

    I hope you find some relief.