This is ANNIE

Meet Annie Rhebb. At least I think that's her name. I'm not sure. You might read the back of the photo and come up with a different interpretation. If so, let me know.

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Annie is quite a bit different than Rosa, though they are contemporaries. The first photo I posted of Rosa last year was taken around the same time as this photo, 1914. What a difference an ocean makes. Rosa in Paris. Annie in Ripplebrook.

I know nothing about Annie and do not have any other photos of her. She represents naive American girlhood in 1914 while Rosa represented the drama of a country at war.

Today what strikes me about this photo is Annie's hat. For that to make sense you really need to see my post today at my other blog, LANA TURNER was staring back at me. Annie is wearing a dark hat with white feathers. At my other site Lana Turner is wearing a dark hat with white feathers.

Annie, turn the feathers upside down! You won't believe the difference it makes.


  1. I see Annie R. Webb. Definitely turn those feathers down!

  2. Maureen,

    You're right. That is a dot following the "R" and not just an age spot. I looked at it with my loop. Definitely pencil.

    So it's Annie R. Webb. I like that better. Rhebb seemed like a very strange name, though I did google it and found it's an actual name.

    Thanks for setting me straight.

  3. I really like how you present the photo, leaving it just as you found it. The poor trimming and the glue smears tell us something about its journey. Excellent find.

  4. Thanks, I thought the "violence" associated with the shot was really counter to the quiet smiling portrait. I've always imagined a person ripping the frame off, worrying they were going to rip the photo. And then how strangely the photo is placed on the board, far to the right. Perhaps the right side of the framing area was so badly destroyed in the moment of ripping that there was no way to save it but to cut it off.

  5. And we have another vote in for her name. AJ believes the first name might be "Amie" which is a good guess. I know someone named "Ammie" so why couldn't someone be doing a different spelling?

    This goes to prove, if people can't read your writing always print.

  6. I vote for Amie R. Webb

  7. Okay, we have a vote for Amie R. Webb.

    We now have a pleasant looking girl with multiple personalities thanks to bad penmanship.

  8. Amie sounds good to me. So does Webb. Not that it matters, but the 'R' in Amie 'R' Webb is different from the following 'R'. Could it be a 'P'?

  9. A "p" with a crutch? Possible. Quite possible. The person was anxious to get the pencil to the baseline in order to stab that period into the cardboard and just couldn't face lifting the pencil. I've had days like that. I start out fine writing the first few letters of my last name, but by the time I reach the end I just want to be through with it.