GUFFAW if you must

Well, that pretty much ruined the shot. This is why I've wondered if the photographer took another. Or were all of these people surprised when they got the print and saw dear sweet Grace with her finger up her nose? That's Harold sitting next to her. Harold who was in the moment of the shot. Grace was in her own moment, far removed from what she was supposed to be doing. A quick guffaw should have been heard when you saw this.

And now we close with the entire group in place. Living a hopefully nice life, no family feuds too hard to overcome. Frank, the grandfather, probably teased Grace, the granddaughter, for many years to come about picking her nose in the portrait.

The family_tatteredandlost
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Wish I knew where they lived. Was this taken at a house in the country or city? Right now I'm going with city. Why? Because they have a lock on their mailbox! For some odd reason I think of locked mailboxes as something from today, not the sweet gentle past...which of course was not sweet and gentle.

Did they have marauding droves of drunken teenagers out on Friday and Saturday nights beating up mailboxes with baseball bats? It's still done in my neighborhood. I have a lock box. A large communal lock box which someone recently pried open with a crowbar. Even my junk mail isn't safe anymore.


  1. So cute!! Good job of describing the subjects of the photo - you have a great imagination. :-) Carol

  2. Poor Grace. Going down through time with her finger lodged up her nose. She was the spark that made me buy this photograph. Glad you enjoyed it Carol.

  3. Grace is the perfect,finishing touch to the generational portrait.

  4. Isn't interesting that Grace was so ummm...ungraceful.

  5. Perfect end to this series. And an excellent find.