ROSA with Rodrique and friends

Another shot of Rosa, this time with her fella, Rodrique, and friends. You can see she's wearing the same pants she wore in the previous shot.

Click on image to see it larger.

I'm thinking Rosa got out of Europe before the U.S. entered the war, but not sure. It's very hard to piece together her life other than she lived in France and then at some point moved to the U.S. and seems to have settled in the San Diego area.


  1. Is Marie, perhaps, a sister?

  2. Judging by the closets in old houses like mine, people must not have had very much clothing. Although they may have envied us, I envy them and the simplicity. Half of the stuff if lost in there anyway. We don't dare exist with three outfits now, but how many do we really need?

  3. Maureen, good question. I'll have to go through more of the photos to see how many she is in with Rosa.

    Christine, I'm with you. Of course I have really only one pair of shoes that I like to wear. Seriously, I have worn them hiking and to Christmas dinners. When you have painful feet and reach a certain age you just say "screw it, these work!"

  4. Excellent series.

    The pants seem the same but the photo formats are not. The shots were probably not the same day or maybe even the same year.

    In the automobile photo Rodrique seems older and heavier.

    The car appears to be a 1941 Studebaker Commander.

  5. Thank you AJ. I have more Rosa shots that I'll be showing in the coming months. Some of them I just have to find. Kicking myself because I misplaced them.