Another photo of ROSA WITH RODRIQUE

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Your last Rosa picture, I was going to leave a comment that I rescind my previous suspicions.

    Rosa is a lady. I think they are married because they are wearing wedding rings.

    Also had gone back in your archives and found Rosa with her fox but didn't find the first picture.

  2. Oh, you must see Rosa young. A very dramatic photo postcard taken in France. She was quite lovely like a silent film star with dramatic eyes.


  3. You are right, a beauty. The video is no longer there. I looked around at the other posts around that time and it must have been before I found you as that was about the same time I entered blog world.

    I can't explain why... I've been waiting for something definite..but I agree with you about getting the Southern California feel.

  4. Well that sucks that the video is gone. I've now gone back and put one in. I want Edith to be there with Rosa. The song just fits the picture of Rosa.

    I will post more of Rosa. I have put many of the photos in a small album and now hate to say it but I can't find it! It's here somewhere but not in any of my normal places. Have no idea what I did with. Having too many senior moments.