Photo Processing MISTAKE

I've got a real find to share today. I know there are people out there who collect photos that are basically errors. Printing errors, camera problems, etc. Well, eat your heart out. I've got two of these real photo postcards, but one was printed upside down!

I'm talking huge value. HUGE!

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. I was working on the computer while practicing my yoga headstand when I came upon this. I thought, "Finally, something normal!"

  2. And did it have a calming effect?

    Then my work here is done.

  3. What's strange is that his fez didn't fall off.

  4. Wow, I hadn't even thought of that!

    So we'll give the photographer a break for printing this upside down since he was able to get this guy's hat to stay on and get a sort of smile out of him.

    Real shame the photographer will go through time unknown. So glad I was able to salvage this from the dustbins of history.

  5. Poor chap and condemned to be that way up for ever - terrible! Even worse, he is living in a cartoon. Who drew that camel?

  6. I believe what we're seeing here is the first serious competition to Disney's :Steamboat Willie". "Fez Boy with Humpy the Camel". I believe it was only shown once in a silent movie theater in Pacoima and never saw the light of a projector again. I mean, everyone kept yelling and pelting the screen with pocket watches because it was obvious the film was broken since it played all the way through upside down. Which means this was a publicity shot. I imagine few exist. Oh the value keeps rising!

  7. Upside down?
    Only on April 1?
    Or is there some other measure?

    I missed something, or everybody else did.
    and I really don't know which.

  8. You know I'm staring at you. Really staring at you. It's defective. Obviously defective. Or the fella had his shoes nailed to the ceiling.

  9. That is a fabulous find! I have never found one like that. Well, I did find a snapshot that was printed on the wrong side of the paper and another that was completely blank. But this is really unique! Excellent!

  10. I have seen these images before. In all my collecting, I have seen only one. Very rare indeed. My theory is that the enlarger was upside down when the print was made. Most of these were returned to the processor for a refund. Great find!!!

  11. AJ,

    I'm keeping my eyes open in hopes of adding more to my collection, but these rarities just don't seem to happen very often.


    I think you're right. the enlarger was upside down which probably means the person doing the work that day printed a whole batch of stuff upside down. And since the other copy of this that I have is right-side-up this most likely was the last upside down one done that day. I'm taking very good care of it and figure I'll either be able to retire on this or if I'm feeling I need a legacy I'll donate it to SFMOMA. I've still got a few years to decide.

  12. Well, maybe he's like Australian or something? What about sideways photos? They would have to be very rare too.

  13. Rosie,

    I hadn't thought of that. Yes, perhaps below the equator he's right side up. Perhaps someone from down-under will let us know.

    So far I've yet to find a sideways photo. If you see one let me know. It's possible there's a whole new genre out there to collect. I believe the Yardbirds said it best with "Over, under, sideways, down."