Sometimes I ask myself, because often there is nobody else to talk to, exactly why did I choose the people eating watermelon category? One of the answers I get, and might I say the answer usually comes to me with an Italian accent, is that it chose me. I’m guessing I need not ask how I ended up with the “people cutting cakes” category unless I’m in the mood for that Italian accent buzzing in my brain.

Categories are mindless fun, some more mindless than others. I’ll admit, even if I was fluent in Italian I would not understand collecting images that show a thumb covering up, well…most of the image. But hey, if you like blurred closeups of fingers go for it. If I find any I’ll send them to you.

Okay, I’m getting something coming through in Italian which is, “Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.” It actually sounded more like, “Non promettere ciò che non in grado di fernier.” I apparently have some sort of translation unit installed in my brain because I would have never been able to translate this on my own.

Okay, more incoming…”Sai, hai più viti allentate del Titanic.”

I’m sorry, but due to low blood sugar I’m unable to translate that last line. I really need to remember to eat lunch.

Anyway, I think what the voice was trying to tell me is that I actually never find any photos of fingers over images in any of the places I buy stuff. So don’t contact me.

Now, in a roundabout way I want to introduce you to my latest cake cutting shot. Again, a category you would think is easy to find, but no. People sitting at tables with cakes? Lots of them. Birthday parties with cakes? Tons of them! Cutting the cake? Pretty rare.

Click on image to see it larger.

So what is it about the cutting that gets me? It’s the anticipation. Until the knife cuts into the cake the taste buds are neutral. Once the shiny metal starts to slide down through the luscious layers of moist cake and sweet creamy icing…well…you can see it in the eyes of those watching the knife, especially kids.

Don’t say you don’t get your money’s worth here. Well, you can say it, but give me the name of another blog where the writer is channeling a language they don’t even speak? Or the fact that sometimes at night they see a Viking standing at the foot of their bed that glows in the dark? You sometimes get top dollar weirdness here.


  1. "You know, you have more loose screws of the Titanic"

    Thanks for today's coffee snortin' giggle. :)

    1. See, now what would I do without commentators. I would have never known I was actually dissing myself.