Deconstructing THE CLASS: Part 3

And now, some of the little girls with those dang bows in their hair.

Yes, the bows look cute, but imagine having that stuck on your head all day. I would think it especially annoying during recess. And I often think of what it would be like to sit behind them in a classroom when you're trying to see the blackboard. Sort of like when in the early '60s you'd be seated in a movie theater and see a woman heading down the aisle in front of you with a beehive hairdo. You'd be muttering to yourself, "Please don't sit in front of me. Please don't sit in front of me. Dang!"


  1. I wonder what happened to these young ladies. Did any of them become Hollywood stars?

    ..or perhaps one or two of them grew up to be super-grumpy Post Office clerks...

    1. Oh yes, I can see several who would have had that "Where's it going?" looks on their faces.