Deconstructing THE CLASS: Part 2

The remainder of the little boys. You can see yesterday's group here.

To see other deconstructed class photos click on "class photos" in the labels.


  1. Yes, some of us people out here do like your deconstructions. It a neat art concept that reminds me of David Hockney's work, and one that I'd like to try on an appropriate photo one day. You saved that special boy for last, too.

    1. I always think people could have fun reconstructing the pieces into what they think might be the final photo. There is usually enough around the edges to see where everything connects.

      Oh yes, that poor fellow at the end. What torment did he have to deal with on a daily basis?

  2. Some of them just look rather cold. I like this deconstruction thing. Never seen it before!

  3. The details in an old photograph have always held my interest. Very special things turn up when you deconstruct an old group shot like this.