TRANQUILITY BASE...over and out


  1. Where were you? We did not have a TV - we heard about it and marveled. May he Rest In Peace.

    1. I took those shots with my trusty Mamiya Sekor sitting in front of our RCA color tv. I took a whole series of shots, but I have no idea what became of the negs. They're long gone, but I still have the few prints.

      Indeed, rest in peace.

  2. A great way of remembering a momentous day in history and a brave, brave man and his colleagues.

  3. He was a rare sort of Hero... Modest, unassuming, and very courageous. He would have been a far better role model than any of the sports "heros" if he hadn't been so modest.

    He once said, the moon landing, was just part of his job. He didn't say much, but those few words he did say, wow...

    I loce your cool photos of the TV screen - I never thought to do that!

  4. I remember the voices rather than the images as I listened to it on a radio from a campsite in Minnesota. My dad says he still has the radio.

  5. Long before VCRs I used to tape the audio of tv shows and take photos. I took a bunch of shots of the Beatles singing I think "Let It Be." Again, the negs are missing, but I still have a photo of George...somewhere.