Deconstructing the OLD WEST: Part 4

The men watching the men, and the soldier watching the photographer.

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  1. Definitely Union Soldiers. I like the "ghosty guy" 4th from right that moved during the picture takin'.

    You say this is "out west" somewhere - and in 1863 - there were a number of sharp conflicts with the native american population. I've seen nothing in the photos so far that says "out west" except maybe the "cowboy" on the far left of this photo.

    I assume this is an Army post/fort in what was then "Indian Territory" -

    1. We both know you have now guessed the location and the surprise to come.

      I too love the ghostly fellow. The whole image is fascinating.

  2. I want to say this is Camp Drum (now located in Los Angeles).

    In fact, if there is a camel in this photo somewhere... :)