Deconstructing the OLD WEST: Part 5

What the...?


  1. I know it's almost impossible to imbed a link, but you have to look at this: http://www.legendsofamerica.com/we-ghostcamels.html

    Or - we got something goin' on that includes a standing figure, either in front or behind the Eastern end of the - camel. And - it is a camel.

  2. It's hard to tell from the photo just what this critter is... is it a buffalo (properly called a Bison)? Or some other hunch-backed animal...

  3. A camel? A buffalo? A mule with a pack on it's back?

  4. Anonymous8/22/2012

    It's a baby camel---or a larger one in the distance. Experiments in camel dragoons were made in the Southwest during the 1850s. General Beale in California had a herd, and there was another heard outside San Antone that was used to explore the Big Bend area in Texas. The experiments were successful, but the Civil War disrupted the concept and the camels were sold to the highest bidder. They were used to transport salt and wood to mines in Nevada and as pack animals---but in the end the ones that remained either were let loose or wandered off. They prefer to live in packs. There are a few wild camels still in a very remote section of West Texas---photographed about ten years ago by a railroad buff. They eat anything, including greasewood and cactus, which made them popular in the experiment.

    Daniel, Cherokee CA

  5. You guys are good, really good!

    Tomorrow the full image with what information I've found.