DON'T SMILE for daddy

I generally avoid stand and pose shots unless there is something quirky or fun going on. It gets to the point when I'm sorting through a bin that I'm nearly throwing these "say cheese" shots as far away from me as possible. But then...something like this comes along.

Daughter and mother looking as bored as they possibly ever could. Was it a jolly home? Was this photo a fluke? Was there another one taken with both of them looking a little less wax figure-ish?

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Maybe the little girl just didn't want to be wearing that super large bow on her head and gave mommy some lip over it...

    Mom's posture is so stiff!

    1. Indeed. I imagine those bows got tiresome. 39 seconds after putting one on mine would have been limp and hanging over my forehead.