MEET MY FRIEND Governor Bill O'Neill, with the "C" that stood for nothing

There are just so many snarky things I could say about this vintage post card, but I'll keep my mouth shut. Politics are a touchy subject these days and rightfully so considering how some of the insane have taken over the asylum.

Not running for your vote is Governor Bill O'Neill, but at one time you could get your photo taken with him for a cheesy political fundraising gimmick. From what I've found online he was going for the very old vote. Don't believe me? Then look here and here. And Governor O'Neill with his family.

Click on either image to see it larger.
C. William O'Neill (The C stands for nothing) (February 14, 1916 - August 20, 1978) was a Republican politician from Ohio. He was born in Marietta, Ohio. He was the 59th Governor of Ohio. He graduated from both Marietta College (1938) and The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (1942). While at Marietta he joined The Delta Upsilon University.
O'Neill served as a state representative and as Speaker of the House. He was then elected the State Attorney General in 1950, being the youngest person elected to the office at age 34. He served from 1951–1957, when he was elected to the governorship. O'Neill served until 1959. He was defeated for reelection due to his support of the controversial proposed "right to work" amendment to the Ohio Constitution. He served on the Ohio Supreme Court from 1960 until his death serving as an associate justice, then Chief Justice. O'Neill was the only Ohioan to serve in top leadership positions in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of Ohio.
O'Neill was married to Betty Hewson on July 29, 1945, and they had two children. He died August 20, 1978, and his funeral service was at First Community Church in Columbus. He was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Marietta. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
To read more about the Governor's life outside posing with elderly constituents click here.

Just think of all the numbskulls who will be getting their photos taken with other numbskulls this week all wearing incredibly stupid hats. Gives a person pause.


  1. I think the "C" tands for Creepy.

    1. Indeed there is something creepy about making these cards and sending them out. I'm actually surprised there aren't more online. I'm guessing there are a lot of them stuck in boxes all over Ohio.

  2. Geez Louise! What are the next generations going to say about elections in 2008, 2012, et al? Bugs Bunny being registered to vote in Cleveland--a voting commisioner in Cincy going to jail for voting 6 times. What's creepy about sending out campaign literature?
    I still have my copy of this photo featuring Govenor O'Neill with my parents taken at a campaign rally in Lake County. They GLADLY sent them to relatives and friends (Republican AND Democrat). BTW the governor and my father (and I) went to the same HS. I was in the HS band invited to his inauguration.

    1. You know, whatever works. Today you can buy a copy of the Constitution signed by Rand Paul for $1000. I think a photo postcard might be a bit more reasonable.