For those who work in a cubicle each day you have my sympathy. Then again, you could have this woman's desk facing a wall with a door opening and closing next to her all day. This is sort of like being seated at a restaurant next to the swinging door from the kitchen. I guess after awhile she didn't even notice it.

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One of my first jobs out of college was working at a printer in Emmeryville, California. It was dreadful. Horribly dreadful. A tiny room that looked out on the floor where the printers were busy rumbling all day. The owner's obnoxious daughter would occasionally show up with an attitude that because she was the daughter of a guy who ran a run of the mill printers she was somehow majestic. I kept my mouth shut and my radio on. The day I had a bird fly into my windshield on the way to work I gave notice. I smugly smiled at the girl as I walked out. I was heading for greener grass and she would still be coming to that place over and over again.

Good thing nobody took a Polaroid of me working there.

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