It really is summer. Sometimes I don't seem to find the time to really enjoy summer. If I get the opportunity to go swimming I can sometimes catch a glimmer of childhood and what it was like to just float without a worry in the world.

The other day while waiting for a medication to be filled at a pharmacy I wandered around wasting time looking at all the junk they had and I came across the toy aisle. It was full of junk from China, but amongst all of it I saw a package of brightly colored plastic boats. It was one of those moments when a spark from the past flickers by. I wanted those little plastic boats. I wanted to sail them down the street gutter following a rain storm. I wanted to put them in the little lake I'd made in my sandbox until the water seeped away leaving them high and dry in the desert. Yes, those stupid little plastic boats reminded me it was summer.

It's that time of year when I should be reading Huckleberry Finn; traveling down the Mississippi watching the lights at night flicker along the shoreline.

I love summer when I remember to enjoy it.

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