I'M WALKIN' HERE! with the Mob

Another in the category of "I'm Walkin Here!"

I've always found this shot interesting because I've decided he's a mobster with a broken hand. Oh sure, the copy says he got it broken at "music school," but I'm guessing he was carrying a violin case at the time.

"Broke hand on Jan. 5, 1951 at Music School - cast off Feb. 5"

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Broken hand - my foot! He's got a gun in that cast.

  2. Sidewalk snapshots from Itinerant Photographers are highly collectable. Unfortunately there is often nothing interesting going on in these candid captures. You have presented one here that has drama, mystery and a serious crime in progress! Good find!

    1. I haven't figured out why they're popular. Like you said, nothing much happens in them. Now if they were people walking down a street eating watermelon!!!!