BENCH or two-holer?

A couple questions about this shot.

Boy or girl?

Bench or two-holer?

Whatever is going on, I like the dappled sunlight.

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  1. Felix0912/03/2012

    Hmm. This photo has many possibilities, most of which don't now come to mind. :-) If the structure is indeed an outhouse/biffy, three-holers also were not uncommon. Three-holers were good for mothers who wanted to take several little children to the biffy at the same time. My mom used to tell the funny story that the nicest outhouse in our small town when she was a little girl about 1915 was a three-holer owned by a bachelor. ??? I found out a few years ago that back then the bachelor had a niece who frequently visited and that the niece had a husband and two little children. Good and logical sense it now makes.