I have memories of camping in Yosemite and Sequoia as a child. Somewhere there are old 8mm movies of me in my cowboy boots, flannel lined jeans, and striped t-shirt running amongst the redwoods with a little red headed girl. I have no idea who the little girl was, just someone camped near us who became my friend while we were camping. She’ll never see the old footage of herself jumping up and down from behind a tree stump.

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These days I still love camping but admit I want to do it from an RV. I can’t sleep on the ground anymore and I like being able to go inside at night and not have to worry about bugs. I’ve got enough bugs here at home; I don’t need more bugs on the road. Plus, and it's a HUGE plus...I like having a bathroom just a few feet away. Get old and you'll understand.

I’m hoping to do some camping later in the year, perhaps by a lake in the Trinity Alps in the fall. That would be nice. Fall colors, warm days, cool nights, and a campfire with the smoke spiraling towards the tree tops into the dark starry sky. Yeah, I’d like to go camping.

Plus, maybe I wouldn't hear so many darn coyotes at night if I went camping.


  1. Felix0912/03/2012

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about getting old, not liking sleeping on the ground, icky bugs and the convenience of a nearby bathroom. But "camping" in an RV isn't real camping. Maybe it's "RVing" but it's not camping, just as lounging in one's bathtub isn't the same as swimming the English Channel. I'll never again do real camping like I did as a kid, either. :-)

    1. You are right, it's not the same. Not the same smells or sensations when you're sleeping outside. However, I was thankful for the roof during some horrendous thunder storms a few weeks ago in Oregon. Then I felt very sorry for those in tents.