POCKETFUL of stuff

Were there any of us in 1972 who would have believed that 40 years later (whoa, I need to take a pause...it just hit me...40 years, it's been 40 YEARS! Damn I'm old!) people would be carrying phones that would allow them to speak to someone on the other side of the world while they were shopping...driving...and in one case with one friend, while in the bathroom? And that the phone would also be their camera, their map, their restaurant guide, and on and on and...?

Kodak had the right idea for size, but they just didn't foresee the future. Shouldn't Kodak have been the one to put cameras in phones? How did they lose their way?

(SOURCE: Life, August 18, 1972) Click on image to see it larger.

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  1. The Ad. It's all about the ad. Is this a Married Guy hand in a Guy sweater? Taking a photograph of Wife, Son and Faithful Dog on a picnic?

    Convince me. InstaMagic.

  2. Felix0912/03/2012

    I love my Instamatic camera, which I still have, but now I can no longer buy film for it. Cell phones -- no thanks -- I'll never want one. People call me on their expensive cell phones and the sound quality is often bad, sometimes garbled and even broken off, and the most frustrating thing is that I am often told, "My battery is getting low so I have to go now." Sheesh! I like my 100% reliable landline telephone, and I'll never give it up.

    1. Yes, so many cameras and no film for them now. I put them on shelves as display pieces. Never thought it would come to this. Technology that lasted for decades is now suddenly obsolete in months. It's all gotten so wasteful. And you're right about the cell phones. The "etiquette" of using a phone is sorely lacking.