Proof HE WAS THERE photos

Surely you've got a lot of photos of someone standing by something, which at the time seemed very important or amusing. Once home you realize you've got nothing. Never a close up of anyone; just posed shots next to doors and plants. Virtually this entire collection of Charlie, and the wife he left behind, are posed shots.

So here's another long tall Texan shot. In this one he's in Phoenix, Arizona. It sort of feels a bit like I'm taking the garden elves on trips. Charlie seems to fit the bill.

And I do believe a new category could begin with this image: men standing next to cactus.


  1. There is nothing like a spare man for giving a bit of scale to a shot.

  2. I believe I have a photo of my folks standing next to a saguaro somewhere outside Tucson. A cactus just isn't a cactus unless there's someone standing next to it.