Deconstructing PHI TAU HOUSE PARTY in 1909

I give you, according to what is written on the back of the photo:
Phi Tau House Party
State College Commencement June 11-16 , 1909
This was at Pennsylvania State College according to a pillow one woman is holding. There are a few names written on the back, but nothing specifically corresponds with the image.

Click on image to see it larger.

I've owned this photo for close to 40 years. I used to have it stuck on my wall before I ever thought of these photos having any value; they were merely something to look at.

Over the coming days I will do what I often do with group photos...deconstruct it. Small portions of the image will be shown before "unveiling" the full image. I find it easier to take in the whole by looking at the few.

As far as the Phi Tau house, Wikipedia lists it as a coeducational fraternity at Dartmouth College founded in 1905. There is no mention of a house at Penn State. I now see a Tau Phi at State, but no Phi Tau. (Okay, just typing that has me thinking of the line in the old Bob Newhart show, "More goo to go." Never mind. It had to do with a bunch of drunks ordering Chinese food on Thanksgiving.)