PHI TAU HOUSE PARTY in 1909: Part 3


  1. I love this picture within a picture approach. Creative deconstruction at its best. So many lines of visual investigation to follow.

  2. I have been observing the ladies hair. My grandmother (b.1892) worse her hair in that fashion all her life. She would have been 17 in 1909,

  3. The style looks like the Gibson girl do. I've always wondered how they kept it up all day. How many pins did it take?

  4. She combed it down, all around. She had the look of an English sheep dog for a bit.

    Then she has some sort of cord, I don't think it was elastic. If it was it was just a bit springy.

    She would start at the back and fold the hair under the cord and attatch it with hair pins. The procedure would go all around her head with many hair pins.

    It's funny, I would watch the procedure with fascination.

  5. Claudia,

    Thanks for the information. I always wondered how the Gibson Girls did it.