DECONSTRUCTED couple: Part 5

Sometimes I become entranced with an image, longing to know about the people. I feel this way about this woman. I want her to become alive, three dimensional with all her flaws and charms.

What was her passion in life? Was she free with thought and feelings? Was she fulfilled by her life? Would we be able to talk to her as equals though so much time has passed? As a young girl did she ever throw her head back in joy and spin around and around beneath the expansive sky smiling in anticipation of life? I wonder.

Nothing left but dust floating with the currents.

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  1. It looks like she is wearing a pocket watch... wonder why.

  2. Yes, a watch neatly tucked into her waistband.

    I also wonder about her hair. I was surprised to see a woman wearing their hair down like this.

  3. she Looked A Very Powerful Lady!