The MAN WITH HIS CAR and the scribbles

Was it a child that defaced this photo? They probably didn't consider it defacing because they were simply drawing lines around the obvious image. Tracing the lines and adding barbed wire at his feet.

Turn it over and we see the hand with the pencil became just a scribbler...and yet the man shines through due to the heavy handiwork on the front.

If a child didn't do this I have to wonder why an adult would. What's fascinating is that the image survives at all. Why was it saved, not tossed? Perhaps it was kept because it was the only known image of this person or because of what had been done to it.

As you can see there's no information given in regards to this fellows identity. This is from Bert's collection.

I have an update about a previous post that you might enjoy. I've discovered the name of the man in the C. H. Masters photo which you can see here.

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  1. I'm betting a child did it. Adults tend to doodle. Children just scribble having fun just making marks.