Where I live we have not had snow, though "they" did sort of promise some a few weeks ago. We have had plenty of rain and more is predicted. I think we actually had Spring in January when I was able to have my doors and windows open all day. Up is down and down is up. Nothing is the least predictable anymore? Anyone think things were a bit more predictable when you were a kid?

This photo is of unknown people, given to me by my best friend. She does not know who they are, thus the reason I now have it.

I think of all the photos that get tossed because people don't recognize the subjects of the shot. Tell you what, if you know someone is going to toss photos jump between them and the trash can. Don't toss! Send them to the Tattered and Lost archives where they will be given a peaceful place to rest. Stop the madness!

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  1. Good photo. And I like the appeal to save an old photo from the dust bin. I may put something like that on my page. Good idea.