Can I get a SLICE OF CHEESECAKE TO GO with my new shoes?

1940s or 50s? I don't know. You can see the back of the print and all the information I have.

She's flirtatious and sweet. Was this a shot for a soldier overseas? Or was it really just a shot of her new shoes? We'll never know.


  1. I think your guess is pretty much right on. You certainly can't tell from the shoes, but I remember getting a photograph like this one - while I was in Vietnam.

    Need I say more?

  2. I think it was to show a soldier the new show plus a shot of leg. Sort of "hey baby..."

  3. Excellent find. This may be the best use of photography ever: the communication of love. I doubt it is “see my new shoes.” The shoes are an excuse to send a flirty photo to a loved one. And it worked I bet.

    I call these “Wallet Worn” or “Personal Pinups.” It is so moving to find photographs like this: personal and sometimes wrinkled and faded from being carried in a pocket or a billfold for a long time. A connection that lasted a lifetime sometimes. Excellent find.