I really don't know what's going on in this photo. A group of lovely ladies of various ages all sitting on steps, many with tags hanging off the front of their blouses. Amongst them is one little girl. Who were these ladies and what prompted the gathering?

I'll admit when I see someone with tags like this, tied on with string, I can't help but think of American citizens being tagged during World War II and carted off to relocation camps. That thought is even more in my mind right now because of what has happened in Japan. Another heartbreak that causes me deep and stuttered breaths.

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But blogging is a place to escape for a few moments from the real world, at least at my blog.

So let us ponder these ladies? Mail order brides wearing shipping labels? Their version of the "Hello. My name is..." name tag? Did they all go around shaking each other's hands, meeting and greeting for the first time? Wives of conventioneers? And what of the little girl? Was she the only child at this event and did she remember this event and tell stories throughout her life?

There's no information written on this photo. It is another image from Bert's collection.


  1. Is it possible they just used them for name tags for a church function of some kind? or is it possible these were a group of cross dressers, including Abraham Lincoln (first row-second from the left), having a good time on a Saturday afternoon, wearing the names of their alter egos.

  2. THAT's who she is! Yes of course. I'm going with your idea. Thus the look on the little girl's face wondering what the future is going to be like.