And now for your viewing pleasure...IN THE CENTER RING...

I present Count and Leslie Vier!

Okay, these little guys are simply as cute as cute can be even if I don't really like using the word cute. These guys are cute. They also look like a circus act with their little matching tights. I'm thinking tumbling across the sawdust covered ring while the spotlight follows them. Perhaps their mother standing on the back of a horse riding in circles.

Of course, they're not a circus act. Well, I can't really say that's true because I don't have any information about them other than that their names are truly Count and Leslie Vier.

They look like both of them are a bundle of energy about to explode. Perhaps anxiously awaiting a trip to the ice cream parlor following their trip to the portrait photographer. I can imagine the photographer watching as they ran circles around him before settling in place.
"Quick! Take the shot!! They may never look this still again!!!"
Seriously, who names a kid "Count" and not expect some trouble?

Another photo from Bert's collection.

UPDATE: I did a bit of searching online and believe I have found photos of the brothers as adults. I'm not positive, but the fellows on this site look very much like these boys. You'll find a listing of photos at the bottom of the page. Just look for Count or Leslie. There is even one of Count on a motorcycle.

The historical information about the two boys is as follows:
Charles Leslie Vier was born in America Fork, Utah Co., Utah on November 25, 1912. He died in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah about 1958. Charles Leslie Vier son of John W. Vier & Harriet A. Preston. He was married to Mildred Irene Johnson on April 6, 1954 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co, Utah. Their Children were missing.

Count Woodrow Vier was born in America Fork, Utah Co., Utah on May 5, 1914. He died in Placer, California in October 7, 1978. Count Woodrow Vier son of John W. Vier & Harriet A. Preston. He was married to Dorothea Delores Gillette in February 24, 1943. They had sons.


  1. Do you suppose the photographer had to use the neck clamps on these guys?

  2. I'm thinking it's a trick shot and actually the mother is behind them with a firm grasp on each waistband.

  3. They are life-affirmingly adorable.

  4. I wonder if they were twins or cousins? They look like trouble to me:)

    1. No, they aren't cousins or twins, they are brothers.

  5. Anonymous10/26/2012

    No, they aren't twins or cousins. They are brothers. Wow! They were cute kids and sit a chair very quite. Thank you for the posted for my grandfather and my uncle both.

    1. They are absolutely adorable and charming. One of my favorite photos of children posing.

    2. Anonymous11/10/2012

      Thank you very much. ;-)