DOT JONES, Gleeful Time-Traveling-Celebrity

If you don't watch the tv show Glee you can skip through all of this text because it probably won't make any sense. Actually it's not going to make any sense no matter how you come at it.

This photo is from Bert's collection. I was going through a stack of photos last night and suddenly noticed, at least in my mind (such as it is), that this woman was possibly a Time-Traveling-Celebrity! I've posted about this before. It's one of the special privileges celebrities have that we lowly peons never even get a chance to explore. They can pop in and out of time at will. The only trace of such activity is if a photo is taken when they're there and not here. Oh I'm sure if caught they simply claim to be studying for a part, immersing themselves in their role. I'm still waiting to find out what Will Ferrell was doing in drag and in my grandmother's photo album.
This is my latest discovery. Actress Dot Jones, most recently starring as Coach Beiste on Glee. It looks to me that she did a little time traveling back to the late 1890s or early 20th century. Just a day of getting away from the daily grind of Hollywood or role researching? We will probably never know.
To see other celebrities caught out of place, out of time...
And no, I'm not crazy. I just play one online.