This little fellow was in the box of photos I purchased last weekend at the flea market. Not a particularly interesting shot until I put it next to one of my all time favorites that I've posted twice in the past at Christmas.

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I love to find photos and pair them up with another. I did this throughout my latest Blurb book, CHILDHOOD. I find it fascinating the similarities between these two shots. They are not the same boy, but they look similar. One ready to play football in the living room on a very busy rug, the other receiving a football for Christmas while sitting on a very busy rug. Each boy with large eyes staring at the photographer in nearly the same position within the frame.

This is just another aspect of collecting I find fun. Details in one photo that remind me of another. It adds another fun dimension to collecting. I guess you could now say "It's a category. I must collect boys on busy rugs with footballs." Of course I could also start a category of "boy at Christmas with gun at his feet" but I doubt I'll have much luck finding more of those. Then again...you have to be open to what you find.


  1. They certainly look like the same child.

  2. I'm interested in that other boy too, the one who's heading off behind the drapes and the potted plants.

  3. People do have different reactions to the Christmas photo. Most don't notice the gun until they've looked at it larger or at my encouragement are told to really look at how odd the shot is.

    Who knows, it could be the same boy. Is it possible one family had two rugs in their lifetime that were sooooo busy? I don't know. I'll have to dig through my files to see where the Christmas shot was bought. I know it was many years ago.