This shot is from a box of photos bought at the flea market on Sunday. The guy said, "25 cents a photo or the entire box for 3." I'm not stupid. Well, maybe I am, because there was nothing really great in the box. And he made me take the box too. Faux leather, brown, something sold by Penny's a long time ago for storing photos. They said it was suitable for any decor. Okay, not mine. Basically a piece of junk. It will get tossed. That said, there were some shots of people cutting cakes in the box. A category I do collect. A few other interesting things.

Below is one innocuous shot until you think, "Why do all of them have their hands behind their backs? What's going on?" I think the red dot has something to do with it. You know those red dots that show up on people's foreheads in spy shows when there's a gun targeting them? This is a really big red dot with a really bad shooter with bad aim.

Click on image to see it larger, though heaven knows why.

And is it just me, but when you look at it quickly does the guy with the glasses not remind you of Mel Cooley from the Dick Van Dyke show? I'm figuring the two to his right are Sally and Buddy.

The reality is that these people are "Jake, Lareen Moody Jarrel, Robert Jarrel, and Clara Moody on Claras poarch in Pauls Valley OKLa. Oct 14. 64." That's what it says on the back, or at least what I think it says. I don't think they actually wrote the names in the order of how they're standing. The person who wrote this had the odd habit of writing the dates twice on the back of photos. Several different shots have the date at the top and then following all other copy. They just wanted to make sure people knew the date. The names, not so much.

By the way, I do not believe the one on the left is Laura Petrie/Mary Tyler Moore. Perhaps Mel Cooley's wife.
Jim Linderman of Dull Tool Dim Bulb has a couple of photography books vying for awards at Blurb. If you get the chance check out Jim's books and think of voting for one of them. You can see The Painted Backdrop and Camera Club Girls, both very interesting books.


  1. I guess that guy does look a little like Mel. I'm full of optimism today, so I think they have their hands behind their backs, because they have presents.

  2. THANKS! MUCH appreciated. The two books are online in TOTAL, all 100 pages for the duration of the voting. Both are photography history books, so hopefully of interest to your followers. Each reader can vote only once, and you must register to vote (To prevent duplicate voting)

  3. You're welcome. I voted the other day. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Three bucks for a box of photos. You can't get a full coffee latta and all the works for that. What a lot of fun you will have with all those photos.

  5. Funny post!

    Cakes in the box, huh? Hm.

  6. Cakes in the box? Now why didn't I think of that? Good one. I will need to post one of the shots. A man very intent on cutting the cake. It's a hoot!