As I reach deeper into the Big Bag of Negs I find this, two short people with a tall woman. Who actually came to visit that day? I'm guessing the tall woman. I love the perfect model pose in the second one. Girls were taught to stand like this. It wasn't a natural pose. I bet boys didn't know that.

I have no idea who these people were.

The man actually reminds me of actor Robert Clary who played Corporal Louis LeBeau on Hogan's Heros. If you never knew the history of Clary I recommend you read the following Wikipedia post. He is a survivor of Buchenwald. He apparently has his own site here. And here you can see part one of a documentary he made about his experiences in the prison camp. All seven parts are available on YouTube.

Of course, the man in this photo is not Robert Clary, but seeing this man reminded me of him. He, like millions of others, should not be forgotten.

On a much lighter note, this weekend was fun with a visit to an estate sale on Friday and the flea market on Sunday. Purchased over 200 photos. Oh sure, some of them are pointless, others are pure heaven. You will see some of them here in the future.


  1. Fascinating. I have a feeling that this couple came to visit the tall lady, though. She looks much more at ease in her surroundings.

  2. I share your enthusiasm and am truly envious of your new acquisitions. It is more about asking the questions than getting the answers isn't it?