It's shimmy and shake DANCIN' SUNDAY

This little lady was purchased on Thursday at my favorite antique store. She has style, she has grace, she has roof gravel between her toes. There is no information given on the back so she shall forever remain a mystery. The mystery dance pose.

Click on the little lady to see her larger.

Shake it baby...SHAKE IT!

To see today's dancin' lady at my ephemera site, Goldie, click here.

Anybody wish to suggest the appropriate music? I keep hearing over and over in my head "Everybody dance now...bump...bump bump...bump bump...everybody dance now!" and that's just driving me nuts.


  1. Now, are you sure that's not a man?

  2. Well, ummmm...you know...it crossed my mind. Perhaps I should have put lady in quotes.

  3. I had a totally different musical take on this...I was thinking "to dream the impossible dreammmm"

  4. "Lola" by The Kinks. "Well, I'm not the world's most masculine man, but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola."

  5. Christine,

    Yes, I can see that. A sort of Martha Graham homage to Impossible Dream while the audience stifles their laughs.

    Okay Robert,

    Yeah! Lola...I can so now hear that. Perhaps Ray Davies carries this shot in his wallet for inspiration.

  6. This is odd, very odd.

    Give this lady some food and a bra... never mind, too late for the bra.

  7. Eloh,

    She is an odd one, isn't she. She just jumped right out of the box at me and I knew I had to bring her home.

  8. This is an excellent find. My compliments!

    This is a roof top I’m pretty sure. There is a water or gas pipe on the right and a sewer pipe on the left servicing floors that are above this level.

    The picture was semi-planned. She costumed herself and then went to the roof to pose. She wore her shoes because the tar and gravel roofing surface would hurt her feet. She spread her dressing gown on the roof surface to protect her bare feet. She kicked off her shoes and put them on the right.

    She is a dancer. Muscles show in the legs but not in the arms or shoulders.

    The photographer didn’t think about the distracting pipes or her shoes being in the shot. Perhaps the photographer just wasn’t that into the project. If our dancer had posed on the riser or landing just to the right, there would be only the dramatic city skyline as backdrop. But perhaps it was too windy over there. Note the breeze is probably responsible for the bit of her garment caught on her right leg.

    One of the best things about this photograph is the garment, the train or veil she is wearing. It’s a fine bit of net and lace.

  9. Anyjazz,

    You've made the moment come alive. I wish there had been more from this shoot. I also wish the shot had been a vertical and included her foot, but then we wouldn't see the dusty city in the background. She is interesting.

  10. Like you said, sometimes the picture just speaks.