ROSA with her fella

Many photos of Rosa to come over time. Through my eyes she was an interesting person, but then she might have been completely opposite. I will create the life I want for her. Her reality will no longer be attached to the images of her. A life unknown, but now an image that will live on. I think I would have liked Rosa.

When my best friend gave me the photos she told me the story she felt was attached. Rosa is a little bit like Jean who was on her trip to Honolulu last year. Bits and pieces of life images, not enough to construct a full life. With Rosa there is much more.

Click on image to see it larger.

This fella is in quite a few shots with Rosa so we'll assume he was her fella. Here they sit quietly along a river. I'm imagining it's in California because photos of her around this age all seem to be in the U.S. Then again, what do I know?


  1. She may have a hard time but he certainly looks happy to be with her.

  2. He looks kind. We can hope. There will be more photos though I think this one was the sweetest of the two.

  3. When you find abandoned photographs that have no story, you have to make one up. It's the law.

  4. I never break the law so I will joyfully continue to speculate and add flourishes. Thank you.

  5. She appears to be wearing a wedding band.

    Gosh...her blouse is really, really....ugh.

  6. I believe they were on a camping trip so we'll figure the clothes were you know, what you throw on when you're living in a tent.

  7. I've been with you (commentor and follower) for a long time. I always behave myself... for those who may not be familiar with my naughty blog...

    So I have poured over how to approach my questions about "Rosa".

    1. What date frame do you think these pictures are? 50's?
    2. Were Radical mastectomy's common in the 50's?
    3. Can you make it so the picture will enlarge more than it does... I'd like to "inspect" Rosa for an adams apple.

  8. Oh my. Poor Rosa. I will need to find proof of her femininity.

    Seriously, I do believe she was all woman. I'd say the first shot from last year was in the teens. The fox one I'd say 1930s. So this last one probably either late 30s or somewhere in the 50s. I'll have to find the one from Cuba of her friends in a car because I think it was the only one with a date on it.