Oh sure, this snapshot looks ordinary enough, buuuuuut...it's a little quirky. So I like it.

Just another cutting the cake found photo? I think not. Let's start on the far right, in the other room. The milk is sitting on a stool. Now perhaps the container is empty and was simply placed there before it ends up in the trash. Orrrrrrrr...perhaps these people like their milk at room temperature. Or perhaps they don't have a fridge. We'll never know. 

brothers help_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Then we get to the chair on the right. Most likely the photographer realized that if it were left at the table it would have hidden the cake in the shot so he/she wisely pulled the chair to the side. Too bad they didn't pull it out of the frame completely. It sort of just, well, sits there...staring at us. Okay, staring at me. Probably nobody else is bothered by the chair.

But here's where it gets a little odd. The young man is helping the young woman cut the cake. Two hands on the knife. At first I had all sorts of ideas crashing around my brain. I came to the conclusion it's one of the following:
  1.  He's guiding her hand so that he gets the size of slice he wants
  2.  They're twins and it's a cake for both of them. There are about 13 or 14 candles on it.
What do you think? 

Basically, I got to celebrate three birthdays this week. None of them allowed me to be there when any cakes were cut, even the one I baked. So I'll have to make do with this.

Happy Birthday to my mother, my father, and my best friend.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2009

    It came to me in a song..
    but I digress.

    I did think they were twins at first. but he does look a little younger to me. (however girls do mature more quickly.)
    I like the idea that he is the younger brother and is guiding the size of the slice he wants.
    I like the picture of the Mom.

  2. I thought the boy looked a little less mature too.

    I wish we knew what the father looked like. All of them lined up smiling wearing those wonderful 1950s style glasses.

    The mom is so pleased with how the cake turned out. The simple pleasures.