SITTING AT THE CAFE with nothing to say

It's one of those days when it would be nice to just be sitting at a cafe watching people go by. Listening to the birds in the trees and watching the sparrows hop amongst the tables hunting for crumbs. The sounds of voices, conversations, noises from the kitchen behind me. No place to be and no hurry to get there.

On the back of this vernacular photograph it says:

        Olvera Street
        At a cafe—
        Jan 3, 1937

Olvera Street_tatteredandlost

For those who aren't acquainted with Olvera Street it's one of the oldest streets in Los Angeles. Click here and here to find out more.


  1. That's amazing! It looks like somewhere in Eastern Europe. I want to go back in time and sit there for an afternoon and people watch.

  2. That's interesting. You're right, it does look like that. And I agree, I'd love to go back and experience this. Back when L.A. Red Car Line still ran through L.A. and the valley was all farms and ranches. No freeways.

  3. Anonymous3/18/2009

    I see Hemingway sitting there.

    a photo like this needs a writer in it.
    OR..the writer I am looking for, took the picture.


  4. You know it does have a Spanish look to it for obvious reasons, so yeah, I can imagine Hemingway sitting there during the time he spent in Spain. Love to imagine this place in the evening. Mucho gusto.

    G. probably was standing taking notes.