I GUESS you had to be there

trailer w.ladder_tatteredandlost

I've been wondering this week what sort of a blogging post I would have done the other day when I was running a temperature of 102. Virus came in, virus went out. In the rubble I'm left with a confused brain and exhaustion. Trying to pick-up the pieces on jobs and make sense of all of it. Sort of like this Polaroid sent to me by my best friend. She gave little information other than "Florida" and "grandparents." It's one of those shots where you probably had to be there at the moment to get it. I'm thinking maybe taken for insurance purposes. Then again...maybe not. Trailers these days have pop-outs. So does this one. Trailers usually have ladders...on the back for easy roof access. This one...has a ladder...in front of the door! A prototype for today's modern trailer. 

What's amazing is that this photo was never thrown away. For some reason it's been kept for decades. I wonder when the story that went with it got lost? And so now I'll keep the photo. Someone else down the line will have to decide to toss it, but then they might wonder about the story and so on and so forth. This little Polaroid has outlasted whatever purpose it originally had.


  1. Anonymous3/26/2009

    It could have just been a practice shot with the Polaroid.

    but looking at how close it is to the trees, and it looks like rocks underneath it-- It's not a traveling trailer. I think it was the guest accommodations in Florida.

    Dia Monde

  2. I'm thinking hurricane. The side is buckling and like you said...very close to the trees.

    And now I'm thinking "The Pink Motel" and how much I loved that book as a kid and I'm hoping this trailer was pink.

  3. Hope you're feeling better today! Ick!

    Amazing this photo was kept all these years. I'm sure it is keeping a curious mystery.

    I always get a chuckle from sittin' thinkin'!

  4. Thank you Willow, yes my brain is coming out of the fog. During the fever my brain made as much sense as this photo. Today it's in a more relaxed mode like the shot I posted today. I really really want to be sitting in the whicker rocker in the sun with my eyes shut, contented cat smile on my face, breathing calmly.

  5. Anonymous4/06/2009

    no, REALLY. It was the guest room.

    but I can't say why the side seems to be splitting.

    Maybe the guest room DID get hit upside by a hurricane.