I'm guessing this was shot mid-1940s to mid-50s. A case of studied casualness.

As I've said before, I often see photos of strangers and instead see glimpses of someone famous. For me he looks like Montgomery Clift. Not as beautiful as Clift, but there's enough there that has me wondering if this fellow had the girls sighing at school because he looked like a movie star. Was he able to use this to his advantage or did he merely find it annoying? Did some doe eyed teenage girl look up at him with fluttering eyelashes and ever utter "Oh, Monty" much to his dismay? Then again, this might be one of those photos that doesn't really capture what a person looked like. Perhaps he actually looked more like Phil Silvers, except for this one shot. Being that there were no other shots of him available when I bought this I'll never know. For now he'll always be my Montgomery Clift teenager. 

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