I have an old photo album full of wonderful vernacular photographs that also contains a typed journal. The majority of the photos show two friends, Bill and Dick, who travelled all over the United States in 1914. They left San Francisco on May 5th and returned June 5th. During that month they traveled mostly by train across country arriving in Washington D.C. on May 12th. Below you will find a photo of Dick with a Mrs. Nolan, a sturdy woman if I ever saw one. Mrs. Nolan is referenced in the journal entry. It's fun seeing how formal the people dressed in contrast to the slobs most of us are today when traveling.

Mrs. Nolan and Dick see D.C._tatteredandlost

Mrs. Nola and Dick_tatteredandlost

Bill and Dick journal_tatteredandlost

Bill and Dick seemed to have remained friends for many years after the trip and the album contains photos of them with wives and children.

Though nothing particularly interesting seems to have happened on the trip, at least not by our 21st century voyeuristic standards, Bill and Dick did have a good time. It's fun to read the journal and look at the photos of the two of them standing in front of buildings/trees/water and sitting/standing near different modes of transportation. I've also used some of the photos in my Blurb book and will be including more in the next book.

I previously posted a photo from this album under the entry "Giddyup Ostrich."

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  1. Sounds like an interesting trip. One I would love to make myself one day.